Awesome Professional dating photos for your online dating profile

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If you have tried your hand at shooting some do-it-yourself dating images and want to step up your Tinder game with some professional dating app photos, you have come to the right place!

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WHy do I need this?

Are you using some crappy photos, captured by your mates, and not getting the results you want online?

So many people meet online! Whilst official statistics are a little hard to come by, it is estimated that 53% of Australians meet online through dating websites or through dating apps. This is likely to increase. I can vouch for this; I photograph TONS of weddings where couples have met through either an online matchmaker or through apps such as Tinder or Bumble. Whilst there are definitely success stories out there, I have often come across individuals (both males and females) who have not had the favourable outcomes of their peers.

Let me guess. Is this you?

Your images are from a phone, in poor lighting?

This is the case in ALL situations. No, sorry guys, this iPhone wont cut it here. Sure, the camera quality is fine, but there is a whole lot more to it than having a decent camera.

You're using a cropped group photo?

Everyone loves a group photo (and profiles should feature 1 image of you with some friends), but PLEASE don't crop in that photo to use as a portrait. It's a 'no thanks' swipe for sure!

You're not attracting the right swipes, or maybe none at all?

Maybe you're getting a few matches, but they aren't with those that you were hoping for. Or perhaps your photos aren't generating and matches at all...

You've got this

In the space of an hour, we can capture some really awesome professional dating photos for your online profiles that are organic, relaxed and totally natural.

What You'll Get:


pro photos that are true to you


Pro photos to choose from

15 photos, minimum, that capture 'your best side', and show who you are through a collection of images. We do through through choices in outfits and styles, and I can make suggestions.

I'll shoot tons of images on the day that give you loads of variety to choose from.


photos that put you above the crowd

The number of photos you can upload to apps will vary. But you only need 3 images (and you can rotate them to keep it fresh!) to mix with your others, that put you above the crowd with eye catching, well lit, swipe-generating photos.

Infinately more succesful matches

By using pro dating photos you're likely to better represent who you are, your best characteristics, and best side. This means you're more likely to get the attention of the right people on the other end.

i want this

Professional dating photos that get results

Portrait sessions start with your enquiry. I'll provide you with my availability, and ask you some questions about what vibe is right for you. We'll arrange an outdoor session, and you'll be uploading your new photographs in no time.


• Planning time
• Your choice of sydney location
• 1-2 outfit/styles
• Creative direction that isn't awkward
• Professional image processing
• online gallery & smartphone app


view pricing


The process is very easy





Enjoy the session and get photos after

Complete your booking and finalise times

We discuss your requirements and styles

Submit an inquiry via my contact page

We'll meet, shoot and have a laugh, all within an hour. You'll get your images via a private online gallery.

My online booking system makes it easy, and deposit payments are generally not required.

I'm happy to make suggestions on styles/outfits/locations that you might like.

I'll get back to you within 24 hours with my availability and some follow up questions.

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Hi, I’m Pete

I'm a Sydney-based wedding and portrait photographer with an eye for capturing photographs that portray natural character. I'd consider myself an 'environmental portraitist'; meaning that I draw inspiration from the environment. This makes me opportunistic with my cameras and I encourage frames that draw a natural feel to images.

After shooting literally hundreds of portrait sessions for singles and couples, I know how to deliver photographs that are genuine and showcase the real you.

More about me

— Alex R

Client success


— Jack B

Sydney CBD

I just thought I would let you know that your pictures are working really well for me on Tinder. You really know what you are doing!

I was keen to update my socials, in particular my dating app profiles with some high quality, but natural looking shots so reached out to Peter. The shoot was easy and fun – after talking to me about what I was after, Pete took me a good location with a bit of variety and a relaxed, social vibe. The new pics made a significant difference and I certainly noticed more interest in my profile than before when I just had selfies from my phone. Really happy with the result – thanks Pete!


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