Nikki And Anthony’s Centennial Homestead Wedding

Ahhh, Centennial Park – my favourite wedding photography location in Sydney. There is just so much variety in this park – it’s incredible! As you drive into Centennial Park from Paddington Gate, head down Parkes Drive and Centennial Homestead is the building at the intersection of Parkes Drive and Grand Drive (the long circular road that goes around the middle of the park). Centennial Homestead is a fantastic wedding reception venue situated right in the centre of the park, and it was the wedding reception venue of choice for Nikki and Anthony. This blogpost is about Nikki and Anthony’s Centennial Homestead wedding.

Centennial Homestead is an excellent choice if you are looking for that wedding venue with a little bit of solitary in amongst the hustle of Sydney. It’s one of a couple of options within Centennial Park for a wedding venue, but it’s the contemporary choice if you prefer a clean style with minimal set-up required. There are other options; such as The Superintendent’s Residence – located at Paddington Gate within the park, however, you’ll need to set up a marquee (note that this is also a great option, as it was for Rebecca and James’ Wedding [this blog post is not yet published, but stay tuned!]).

One benefit of having a Centennial Homestead wedding reception is that you can have your ceremony within Pine Grove or Paperbark Grove; a 100-metre walk from Centennial Homestead. You can take some awesome Paperbark Grove and Southwest Paddock wedding photos (see this blog post here as an example), and then easily head over to your Centennial Homestead wedding reception to join your guests for canapés and lawn games as the evening gets underway.

For us, Nikki and Anthony’s wedding started with Anthony’s preparation. The boys got ready for the ceremony to be held at Monte Chapel in North Sydney. Nikki and her bridesmaids had preparation in the family home in Dural before heading into town.

Nikki and Anthony wanted to capitalise on Centennial Park’s Paperbark grove for family portraits, so they popped some champagne whilst we photographed combinations of family members. We then took some bridal party photos in Paperbark Grove before heading to Southwest Paddock.

The late afternoon light is fantastic in Southwest Paddock. The long grass, gentle westerly slopes and forested areas are a lovely combination. These characteristics work together to create a fantastic backdrop for Centennial Park wedding photos. As the sun set at the end of our portrait session, I knew that we had a great collection of images for Nikki and Anthony. It was only a two-minute drive around the corner to Nikki and Anthony’s Centennial Homestead wedding reception.

These guys and their friends partied hard. The dance floor was full the entire night. Nikki and Anthony’s wedding was memorable because the couple put in a lot of personality into their wedding day. I’ve always said that weddings are what you make of them, and from my point of view, Nikki and Anthony had a fantastic day.

If you’d like to check out some other weddings I have photographed at Centennial, Park, have a look at this blog post about Natalie and Matthew’s wedding day, and also a seperate blog post with some of their wedding photographs from Centennial Park. If you have any questions about Centennial Park wedding photography, or if you are planning your own Centennial Homestead wedding, feel free to contact me via this page.

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