Natalie + Matthew’s Centennial Park Wedding Photos

So, we made it! We finally made it to Centennial Park to capture Natalie and Matthew’s Centennial Park wedding photos.

A little backstory: A few months ago (in May 2017) I photographed a wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria. Natalie and Matthew’s wedding was super awesome (more on their wedding day over here). I seriously had a wicked time with these guys. It was unfortunate that on their wedding day we were caught in a traffic nightmare because of a power outage in the M5 tunnel. This meant that we missed the last of the day light. We opted for a little night shoot instead (you can see these shots in their blog post over here), but I felt that their photographic collection wasn’t quite complete. I felt that it needed those Centennial Park wedding photos to give their album that final lift… that final cherry on top of what was an awesome day. So here we are – and below you can see some of the shots from their Centennial Park wedding photos.

Centennial Parklands, about 5 km southeast of Sydney’s CBD, is an enormous conglomerate of greenery comprising Moore Park, Queens Park and Centennial Park itself. At over 300 hectares, the park has a collation of European features including beautiful duck ponds, white wooden bridges, statues, heritage buildings and an amazing diversity of trees (such as Norfolk Island Pines in Pine Grove, Port Jackson figs and Holm Oak trees). Honestly, the park is so large that when I turned up to shoot these photographs I got a little lost (good thing I was early!).

Given the tremendous variety of options available for wedding photos in Centennial Park, you can pretty much pick any location for an ideal backdrop. My favourite locations for Centennial Park wedding photos are Paperbark Grove, Pine Grove and Southwest Paddock. The real magic in Centennial Park, however, happens during golden hour as the sun gets close to the horizon. My advice – head on over to Southwest Paddock for sunset to get that nice orange glow across the long grass.

So, these photographs are a part of Natalie and Matthew’s wedding day. I love love love some of these shots, especially the black and whites, and also the moments that we captured during golden hour. The emotion that comes through the imagery is gorgeous. I guess that this is the beautiful conclusion to their story that started a few months earlier. Give me a shout if you’d like some more info about your own Centennial Park wedding photos – I’d love to hear from you.

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