Marie and George’s wedding at Clarence House Belmore

As I look through some of my recent archives, I am reminded of how massive this wedding day was: Marie and George’s wedding at Clarence House Belmore. This wedding post shows how fantastic planning can make a 270-plus wedding guest list (especially one with sizeable numbers of family in attendance) easily manageable.

How This Wedding at Clarence House Belmore Played Out

Marie and George; two lovely individuals who tied the knot in front of lots of loving family and friends. Our day started with Marie and George’s preparation. You’ll see in the below images that the morning for both Marie and George was all about family, and the inclusion of their families in all of their wedding day activities.

Weddings like this can be quite busy for a photography studio. There is just so much emotion, colour, detail and culture to photograph it’s crazy! But these elements combined into a great photographic catalogue for this bride and groom. And the benefit of all of these elements is that our natural and organic photographic style suits the process. Because we are light and nimble in our method; with multiple cameras at the ready, we shoot in a photojournalistic way to record real moments.

Their Ceremony at All Saints Greek Orthodox Belmore

I must say that we don’t often get to shoot in churches because most of our clients host wedding ceremonies at outdoor venues. Marie and George’s wedding ceremony at All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Belmore was beautiful. Check out the architecture, colour and level of detail in the below images. These are the details that make a wedding day memorable.

Marie and George’s ceremony was interesting. Being a Greek Orthodox ceremony, the bridal party stands to face the front of the church. This makes it a little tricky to catch those quiet, subtle moments between a bride and groom. We had to sneak around the sides and shoot from up high to catch the action. It’s a good thing we have a wide lens selection and a quiet, candid photographic approach. After the nuptials, Marie and George made their way down the front stairs whilst their family threw rice (it’s tradition!), and we captured a group photo with everyone.

The Places We Went

As mentioned above, there was some great planning for this wedding on Marie and George’s part. They had the genius idea to book out the whole of Stockade Brewery in Marrickville for some drinks and family photos. When they first told me of this plan, I thought “family photos at a brewery!? Surely not”. Well, my feedback is that it was a great idea.

We arrived at Stockade Brewery for some beverages and snacks. Whilst their family relaxed with a beer we took turns with each family group to shoot family portraits. They had a lot of groups to get through (family photos was a major component of their wedding day photography requirements).

Whilst the family continued to drink, we took Marie and George and their bridal party out into the laneways of Marrickville for their location portraits. We shot in the urban Marrickville landscape and capitalised on the afternoon light, as well as the interesting shadow compositions. The old brick buildings and laneways presented some interesting photographic compositions. They were a great bridal party to shoot with; fun and up for a good time!

A Reception to Remember at Clarence House Belmore

After shooting wedding photos in Marrickville, we drove to Marie and George’s wedding reception at Clarence House Belmore. The venue is a part of the Clarence House group of reception venues. It is a reasonably large room – Marie and George had around 275 guests! Clarence House’s warm tones and classic architecture presented another opportunity for a few more photographs inside the room.

The night was unreal. Marie and George entered the room with fireworks and hit the dance floor immediately. Their band kept the DF pumping all night. The venue had a great balance for guests and offers newly married couples a great location to celebrate with their family and friends.

If you’d like more information about wedding photography in Marrickville or your wedding reception at Clarence House The Victorian, please feel free to get in touch via this contact page. It would be excellent to photograph another 270-strong wedding!

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