Madeleine and Ross’ Oliveto Wedding in Rhodes

It’s a Saturday morning, and I’ve left home to photograph Madeleine and Ross’ Oliveto Wedding in Rhodes. At the time of leaving, I knew that this was going to be a great wedding day. Fast forward to the end of the evening; I’m packing the car, thinking, boy was I right! Maddie and Ross’ wedding at Oliveto Restaurant was one of the most unreal weddings in Sydney that I have had the pleasure of shooting. This blog post will highlight the memorable moments of their wedding at Oliveto.

Madeleine and Ross’s Oliveto Restaurant Wedding


My day started with Ross and his groomsmen. After getting dressed at a hotel in Rhodes, we snapped family frames over some morning beverages and went for a walk with the guys to the waterfront. It turns out Ross’ sister Claire is a wedding celebrant – small world!

A short trip across the Paramatta River; Madeleine and her bridesmaids were getting ready at home. I captured a few frames of the action whilst listening to some vinyl tunes from Ross’ collection. Maddie’s lovely family was with her in the morning. We popped the champagne for the first toast of the day and captured some shots as the ladies got ready.

The Places We Went


Madeleine and Ross’ Oliveto wedding had its first formality – the ceremony – at Cabarita Park near Breakfast Point. Cabarita Park is a lovely location for a wedding ceremony. It is north facing, which means Maddie and Ross were back-lit for their ceremony. It was a warm day, but the cooler ocean breeze kept everyone refreshed. The lovely Stephen Lee celebrated Maddie and Ross’ nuptials.

After Madeleine and Ross’ nuptials at Cabarita Park, we captured some candid wedding photos under the fig tree, had the second champagne toast for the day, took a stroll around the park and shot some frames with their bridal party. The sun dropped to the west, which timed well for their wedding photos.

After an hour or so, we jumped in the car and made the short trip to Oliveto Restorante Rhodes, for Maddie and Ross’ reception. The Oliveto wedding reception was fantastic. This Oliveto wedding reception was set in the amazing parklands of Brays Bay Reserve. This offered an elegant backdrop, with glass doors that open to reveal tranquil water and riverine views, and lush green surroundings. Oliveto sits along a boardwalk, where guests can roam outside, and you; as the bride and groom, can take some time out from the day to reflect. Madeleine and Ross’ Oliverto wedding was set out in a smart floor plan. The dancefloor was in the middle to one end of the room, and the DJ, photo booth and seating wrapped around. This made the night connected and very intimate.

Night Shooting at Maddie and Ross’ Oliveto Wedding Reception


As mentioned, Oliveto is set on a boardwalk. At night, the boardwalk is lit by floor standing sconces that glow a lovely warm amber. During the evening, Maddie and Ross left their reception to head out to the boardwalk with me. We captured some night portraits. I set up a simple key-light on a light stand, and as Maddie and Ross took 5 minutes to themselves, I captured a few evening frames. The backdrop was the venue and the amber floor sconces on the boardwalk.

I recommend a night shoot because it provides you with 5 minutes to relax with your partner, and also produces some lovely evening portraits.

I had a fantastic time at Madeleine and Ross’ Oliveto wedding. If you’d like to enquire about photography and video for your own Oliveto wedding, please reach out to us here.

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