Emma and Leo’s Wallalong House Wedding

You know, I must be honest. I’ve neglected this blog for quite some time. And for that, I apologise. Content creation on this blog should not really be held up because I would love to share some lovely wedding stories with you all. So to start off 2021, I’m blogging Emma and Leo’s Wallalong House wedding – a fantastic, very memorable occasion at my favourite Wallalong House wedding venue in Morpeth NSW.

Wallalong House is a very familiar venue. I’ve photographed numerous weddings at Wallalong House, including one of my fave’s – Danielle and Ben’s Wedding, linked here. I’ve also photographed weddings at the sister venue – see Edie and Lochie’s Mindaribba House wedding, linked here (which has similar design elements; including the outdoor stone bath). Wallalong House is beautiful – From the long tree-lined entrance, to the front and rear manicured gardens, to the dramatic front lounge room, and the lovely poolside marquee. Guests can roam the venue and discover so many interesting please too chill. These features also produce lots of unique backdrops for wedding photography!

My day started at Wallalong House with Emma and her bridesmaids. Inside the homestead I captured a range of details (including Emma’s beautiful dress in the front living room) and then ventured out to the marque to see Emma’s florist finishing the floral arrangements. Emma’s wedding was always going to be on point – she’s a professional events planner, so the day was never going to disappoint.

Leo’s day started at a charming cottage in Morpeth. Leo and his goomsmen got ready before we capture some portraits in the courtyard. The inside of the cottage was a little on the dark side, so we took advantage of the outdoor areas to maximise the available light and different textures.

Back at Wallalong; the wind was picking up. After a late change to the ceremony location to shelter from the weather, Emma’s team set up the chairs around the back of the estate. The awesome variety around all sides of the homestead meant that she could almost any side for the ceremony and the backdrop would be lovely. The green ivy wall was a great choice.

After the ceremony we capture some portraits on-site. One of the great aspects of a Wallalong House wedding is the you don’t really need to leave the location for wedding photographs – you can capture lovely, natural wedding photographs at Wallalong House!

The reception in the Marquee was fantastic. Emma’s team put together a lavish arrangement of details. The floral arrangements together with the long tables and height of the marquee had a great guest experience.

If you’d like some tips on capturing natural wedding photographs at your own Wallalong House wedding please reach out via this page. I’d be happy to help!

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