Ayana + Alex’s Bradleys Head Wedding Photos

Here’s an understatement: Bradleys Head wedding photos are popular amongst newly married couples. Indeed, Bradleys Head is one of my favourite locations on Sydney’s North Shore to photograph a couple – as it is to many other Sydney wedding photographers. And it’s easy to understand why – Bradleys Head wedding photos work well for a number of reasons:

1. Wedding photos at Bradleys Head often feature iconic Sydney landmarks – The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are very popular sights to include in your wedding photos – especially if you are visiting from outside of Sydney. By taking wedding photos at Bradleys Head, it’s easy to feature the Sydney skyline into the background.

2. The Sydney Harbour foreshore (though not specific to Bradleys Head in particular) makes for an awesome backdrop. If you’re lucky, the Sydney Harbour Oz Jet boat might come speeding along and pull off a cool 360 in the background – as it did for Ayana and Alex – check out the shots below.

3. Wedding photography sessions are commonly held after your ceremony in the late afternoon. If you want the Sydney Harbour Bridge in combination with a lovely golden hour in your wedding photographs, this means that you need to be on the eastern side of the city – this allows the sun to set behind the Harbour Bridge, which also gives you the opportunity for lovely silhouettes – such as these from Manisha and Mark’s engagement session, shown here.

Ayana and Alex were getting married in China but wanted a pre-wedding photography session in Sydney before they departed for their nuptials. Ayana and Alex wanted some classic shots of Sydney Harbour in the backdrop. We chose to take some Bradleys Head wedding photos on a Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince the sun to come out for these two, but in any case, we had heaps of fun. Ayana and Alex received some lovely photographs to remember their wedding and to gift to their families back home.

If you’re eloping in Sydney, or if you want some Sydney Harbour photographs on your wedding day, I recommend Bradleys Head. If you’re planning a wedding in and around Sydney, and want a creative twist to your wedding photos, drop me a line!

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