Adrienne and Albert’s Wedding Photos at The Rocks

This blog post is to showcase Adrienne and Albert’s Wedding photos at The Rocks, and also some popular wedding photography locations in and around Argyle Street, Sydney. But there is an interesting story to tell here… 

Now, this doesn’t happen every day. Normally, when I receive an enquiry from a bride and groom, on most occasions they make a booking. I understand that sometimes we may not be a perfect fit, and the bride and groom look elsewhere for a wedding photographer and videographer. This is totally understandable and completely fine because it’s important that you feel comfortable with the vendors that you work with.

On this particular occasion, Adrienne and Albert enquired with our studio (I photographed Albert’s brother’s wedding some time ago – linked here). After some discussions, they decided that they would continue to look around, which is great – again, it’s important to browse so that you find a studio that suits you. After some time had lapsed I assumed that they had booked a wedding photography studio to cover their wedding day.

About 8 months passed. I received a call from Adrienne. It turns out that their wedding had come and gone, and they had an unsatisfactory experience with their wedding photographer (I won’t name names!). So, Adrienne and Albert wanted to book us to do a re-shoot of their wedding portraits. Honestly, we felt quite humbled. We met up one Sunday afternoon in The Rocks to capture some natural and organic wedding photos for Adrienne and Albert.

Observatory Hill Wedding Photos


Out first location was to capture some wedding photos on Observatory Hill. Observatory Hill would be one of the most popular locations in Sydney for wedding photography. And it’s easy to understand why:

  • The massive fig trees create beautiful texture in wedding photos,
  • The western edge of the hill allows for lovely sunsets,
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House create classic wedding photo backgrounds,
  • There are lots of backgrounds with different and dynamic lighting situations that add to the abundance of variety at this single location, and
  • If you wanted to visit one single location within The Rocks, you could easily capture Observatory Hill wedding photos and provide great options for your album without travelling anywhere else.

Argyle Street is a Great Location for Wedding Photos


After Observatory Hill, Adrienne and Albert strolled over to the top of Argyle Street for some additional wedding photographs. The top of Argyle Street is lovely because there are different elements and textures from other parts of the rocks. This includes:

  • Maroon walls behind The Garrison Church,
  • Sandstone staircase at the bottom of Fort Street,
  • Cream and yellow rendered walls at the top of Ferry Lane, 
  • Golden western light and iron fencing at Pottinger Street,
  • The Piers at Walsh Bay,
  • Dawes Point Park,
  • Gloucester Walk and staircase,
  • Sandstone doorways at Lower Fort Street, and
  • So many other locations that it’s not funny!

Tips for Natural Wedding Photos Around The Rocks, Sydney


Firstly, I recommend allowing around 2 hours for wedding photos at The Rocks. I recommend heading to Observatory Hill first, then strolling to Argyle Street. After shooting around Argyle Street, I recommend driving down Hickson Road to The Piers at Walsh Bay and finishing around Potteringer Street or Dawes Point Park.

Secondly, I recommend using a much of the texture in the area as possible. Use interesting backdrops such as sandstone and rendered walls. Painted walls often make great backdrops. Use the some of the tree-lined streets to create depth in imagery. And don’t forget to include classic elements such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House where possible.

Thirdly, it’s important to have fun, even if it’s raining. In wet weather seek shelter around The Glenmore Hotel (and get a beer!) and Gloucester Walk.

If you would like some additional information on wedding photos at The Rocks in Sydney, please get in touch with us via this contact form.

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