2017: A Year in Review

Wow! This year has flown past soooo quick. I honestly cannot believe that it’s the end of December 2017 already! Why write this blog post? What is the point of a year in review? I write this for me; I enjoy writing and this is an outlet for me to discuss, albeit with myself, what the year that’s gone was like. What were the ups and downs? For what I am thankful? And what are the improvements for the year ahead to continue organic wedding photography?

Let’s summaries the year that was…
2017 was a really excellent year for me, honestly, I think that this year was extremely successful. I love photographing people on their day of nuptials. I relish that couples (whom I’ve met only a few times beforehand) allow me into their lives for that single, very intense, day in the sunshine. This year, I’ve really focused on the people who play a part surrounding the bride and groom – those involved on the day – to show the B&G and their family unit for who they are and how they interact. It’s about telling their story and their family’s story – remember, the concept of organic wedding photography? That’s the goal at the end of the day!

I think that a real key achievement for me this year was continuing to operate a small business. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this aspect of professional photography. I enjoy it so much that I’ve encouraged about 25 people I know throughout the year to also consider opening a small business for themselves – not to quit their regular job because that wouldn’t necessarily be good advice – but to trial a small business by converting a hobby or passion into an income. Working for yourself is really inspiring, and I really think that its an experience everyone can learn from. Think of it at professional development!

The third major successful aspect of 2017 was my commitment to content creation. As a ‘service-oriented’ business, there are a ton of portals to get yourself out there, and with the abundance of advertising agencies who are gagging for your hard-earned moola, there are plenty of ways to burn through cash! I directed my energy into creating interesting content for future clients to read on the internet. The stories that I create online have really helped to demonstrate the friendships that I form with my existing clients, that in turn produce fun, interesting and unusual imagery; and develop the organic approach to wedding photography that I practice.

What am I grateful for?
There are numerous groups that I need to thank, for, without them, 2017 would have been far less awesome. I really need to thank my suppliers and vendors. Thank you to Canon CPS for maintaining my camera equipment so that I can stay in action – you saved my butt on an occasion or two! CPS offers top quality service to their clients, and after comparing this support arm with other manufacturers throughout the year, this is what separates Canon from other vendors. It’s the behind-the-scenes service that sets them apart.

A massive thank you to my print lab, framing, and album manufacturer – Queensberry. Based in the heart of sheep country (NZ bro!) the team across the Pacific enables me to provide a complete service to my clients. Their quality and attention to detail is really second to none and is the reason that my clients come back for additional products. I get a ton of positive feedback from couples who love their new artwork! QBY’s collection of products are unique, and my couples thank me time and time again for providing high-end results – where Queensberry forms an instrumental part.

Mostly, an enormous amount of gratitude goes to my wonderful clientele. My clients: brides, grooms, families, couples; I really appreciate that you have entrusted to me a very important role of recording a momentous day of your lives. I have so much fun at every opportunity I have to photograph people. A lot of work goes into the planning of a wedding day, and I really think that I, above all other vendors at a wedding, have the most fun out of anyone. I really cherish the opportunity the lovely couples that I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year – THANK YOU!

Where are the improvements for 2018?
I think that I need to continue to explore interaction. Although details are important on a wedding day, I think that by continuing on my organic wedding photography approach I can achieve the natural, emotional and more powerful imagery that you guys all want to see and receive. In 2018, I’m also going to start entering competitions. I have some cool ideas for a few collections that I’d like to enter into the 2018 AIPP and get some constructive criticism from some other professionals.

So, it’s onwards and upwards from here. From my family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.


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